Blue Aura v40 Limited Edition Set

1 290,00 CHF

Enjoy the warm rich sound that valve amplification provides now in a retro walnut finish.


Following on from critically acclaimed press reviews for our v40 hybrid tube amplifier, the v40 Limited Edition is now available in a sumptuous high gloss walnut finish.

Matching high gloss walnut loudspeakers are offered as part of the system.


Primarily sold as a combined amplifier/loudspeaker system, both products can also be purchased separately.


Recommended by musicians....
Jamiroquai and session guitarist Rob Harris "I must say it sounds incredible, whatever the valves are doing it brings a warmth and clarity to the music"


Rock and Blues Musician Wily Bo Walker "Absolutely fabulous, the depth of the double bass and three dimensional quality of the recording is testament to the care of the engineers who recorded the album in the first place. The Blue Aura v40 LE system brings you in to that space. Brilliant!"


As a result of customer demand we have developed a new loudspeaker to partner the v40 LE amplifier, an upgrade from our standard ps40's.


A slightly larger enclosure is used to allow increased cabinet volume.


The tweeter selected by our acoustic engineers for the ps40 LE is an AMT (Air Motion Transformer) type. AMT tweeters offer excellent transient response and low distortion ratios, resulting in a more natural and musical ambience to be heard.


The low frequency drive unit is a 4.5” Hemp impregnated cone type. Hemp has less cone break up and distortion than other fibre coned drive units and improves tonality and resolution.


High quality audio components are used for the filter network ensuring delivery of a clean audio signal.


Both the amplifier and loudspeakers have Limited Edition insignia and are supplied in bespoke packaging.







Amplifier Type: Class A/B
Power Output: 30w per channel     
Freq. Response: 23Hz – 100 KHz +/- 2dB
Harmonic distortion: 30W/0.7% , 1W/0.18%
Signal to noise ratio: 88dB 'A'-weighted / 66 dB FLAT
Input Impedance: 50K Ω
Input Sensitivity: 580mV +/- 5% @30W
Output impedance: 4 / 8 Ω
Vacuum tube type: 12AU7/ECC82 x 2 6e2 x 1
Audio Inputs: RCA/USB micro B/3.5mm mini jack/Bluetooth 4.0 inc. aptX
Audio Outputs: Sub out (20Hz~850Hz)
Power Supply: AC 230V/50Hz / AC 115V/60Hz
Dimensions: (H x L x P) 148mm x 264mm x 215 mm 
Poids: 3.5Kg




High Frequency Unit: Air Motion Transformer
Low Frequency Unit: 4.5" Hemp impregnated cone
Frequency Range: 45 - 40000Hz
Crossover Frequency: 4.7kHz
Max RMS Power: 50 watts per channel
Dimensions: (H x L x P) 253mm x 145mm x 205mm
Poids: 3.8Kg l'unité



Included in the package

Two cartons, one containing the v40LE amplifier and the other the ps40 LE Loudspeakers


v40 LE

Valve Amplifier - Walnut
Power cable
Remote Control
Premium quality RCA cable
USB (mini) cable
Line Out cable (3.5 Mini Jack)



ps40 LE 

One pair of high gloss Walnut loudspeakers